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A thriving spirit beats watching the scoreboard 

One of a Mind helps organisations, leaders and people raise awareness to fulfill superior performance. We do this through various learning workshops and consulting.

Successful organisations know that when you put your people first, success takes care of itself.  We help you with the fundamentals to elevate your people experience and drive world-class performance.

We ensure that you are set up to hire the best, to help create an environment where your people volunteer their best everyday, to retain top talent and sustain performance, while ensuring culture is at the forefront of your people strategy.

Masterminded by cohesive conscious leadership and great managers that champion humanity at work, we support leaders and teams in their quest for superior results.

The result? An organisation underpinned by a competitive advantage of culture, extremely talented individuals who care about each other and their customers, are fully focused on the mission and collective outcome. True conscious leaders, who take ownership, empower their people and deliver impressive results again and again.


Our enthusiasm and passion for your success may surprise you.

Kirit, our founder, knows what it’s like to be in a demanding position in a high-growth company. Successful at what she did, moving 100 miles an hour, a piled up to-do list and having the time of her life!

As brilliant as the ride was, something was missing. Her health and energy levels were declining but the demands weren’t.

Having refound her mojo through powerful mind and body practices she’s now more driven than ever. Backed by a strong team, she now shares her knowledge of corporate success that honours both head and heart; body and mind; humanity and profit.

Which is why we’ll say what we think would be best for you, regardless of whether you wish to hear it.

We work only with leaders who are ready to take the leap and commit 100% to their company culture or organisational health.  We believe in the transformation we help make happen, and request the same from our clients.

Minds that are aligned on a clear goal are a powerful force for positive change and results.

meet Kirit

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Consultant and Facilitator

With 20 years experience in rapid growth, Kirit’s passion is to raise awareness and support rapid growth organisations build a strong foundation for growth, while ensuring culture is treated as sacred.

Having worked on people strategies with some of the fastest growing organisations across the globe, Kirit shares her knowledge of leadership success that honours both head and heart; body and mind; humanity and profit.  Kirit has helped organisations position on global ‘best companies to work for’ lists and she facilitates various programmes for entrepreneurs and leadership.

Kirit also teaches mindfulness, is passionate about resilience/energy for sustained performance and enjoys learning about natural health care.

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