We understand the challenges of high-growth organisations, of flying the plane while building the engine.

Our talent lies in ensuring founders, start ups and growing organisations are intentionally set up to be successful – nurtured to hire the best, to accelerate engagement, help people and leaders be the best versions of themselves, do their best work and to retain talent.  Building talent functions from scratch and leveraging the strength of leadership teams and the superpower of culture – all with the intention of bringing humanity to work while achieving your goals.

mind_favi_35pxPEOPLE STRATEGY

A holistic service where we build on your people strategy and plan.

We run a diagnostic and provide customised soulutions to strengthen your people experience. This involves time with various people in your organisation, collation of current data and if required a short survey.

Once we share the findings and priorities, we support delivery of these solutions where needed. The solutions include areas of the people experience that will make the most significant impact in your organisation at the time.

We are committed to ensuring the results are sustainable through working closely and coaching your team to continue the commitments.

mind_favi_35pxTEAM BUILDING

The creation of space for a short pause is essential during growth.  Whether for reflection, innovation, relationships, strategic planning or learning.  A healthy leadership team builds a healthy business.

We offer sessions to help people play to their strengths, increase self awareness, to strengthen management/ leadership culture, organisational health and ultimately performance.

For your leadership team, we run a 2 day intensive that concentrates on the dynamics and current agenda of your leadership team to shift the core of it’s spirit and function. We encourage you to live better and lead better, your teams will love you for it.


Individual, manager and executive coaching can each make a significant transformation and impact on your business performance and growth.

Our coaches help bring laser focus to challenges in leadership and in life.  This leads to greater awareness, better managing the demands of your business, real transformation and ultimately leading and living better.

Coaching your people accelerates transformation, retains talent and ensures that your top people are continually successful during their rapid progression

We offer a variety of one-to-one coaching services, including strengths, conscious leadership, general executive coaching, team coaching and mindfulness coaching .


Our enthusiasm for your
success may surprise you.

Kirit, our founder, knows what it’s like to be in a demanding position in a high-growth company. Successful at what she did, moving 100 miles an hour, a piled up to-do list and having the time of her life!

As brilliant as the ride was, something was missing. Her health and energy levels were declining but the demands weren’t.

Having refound her mojo through powerful mind and body practices she’s now more driven than ever. Backed by a strong team, she now shares her knowledge of corporate success that honours both head and heart; body and mind; humanity and profit.

Which is why we’ll say what we think would be best for you, regardless of whether you wish to hear it.

Kirit will explore your requirements and where needed, bring the team together according to each One of a Mind project — saving you time in sourcing and fulfilling your current requirements.  Kirit’s network of highly regarded specialists include training, coaching, marketing, design and mindfulness training.

We work only with leaders who are ready to take the leap and commit 100% to their company culture or organisational health.  We believe in the transformation we help make happen, and request the same from our clients.

Minds that are aligned and focused on a clear goal are a powerful force for positive change.