The most trusted, scientifically researched and well established mindfulness program available globally. You will learn to find greater balance, ease, and peace of mind.

Created by Jon Kabat-Zinn in 1979 at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. MBSR can help you reduce stress, live with greater ease, cultivate self-awareness, change your habitual reactivity patterns, and respond rather than react to stress. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have completed MBSR training since its inception.  Our instructors are certified and generally 75% of our clients who attend this course are referrals. Be amazed by the unfolding of an even more beautiful life.

An eight week course, all sessions are held at the same time for the eight weeks of the course. This includes 2.15 hour sessions each week for eight weeks and a half day retreat.

Reduce stress and live with greater ease through this tested and well-established mindfulness meditation program

mind_favi_20px_2 Cultivate awareness

mind_favi_20px_2 Respond rather than react to stress

mind_favi_20px_2 Learn the most established and respected mindfulness program

Who can benefit?

No prior meditation experience required – great for beginners and advanced meditators alike

MBSR is highly respected within the medical community. Offered as a complement to traditional medical and psychological treatments, not as a replacement, it is proven to be effective in helping to treat various conditions, including anxiety, stress, asthma, depression, fatigue, fybromyalgia, grief, headaches, skin disorders, PTSD, sleep problems etc.

This course is great for practitioners who want to add MBSR to their skillset, professionals searching for a trusted workplace appropriate meditation method, or meditators who are looking to go beyond a 5 minute meditation you can get from an app.

“The Stress Reduction Program became my life line — It literally saved my life. One can find peace and calm in the middle of chaos and confusion.”

Next course starts January 2021.





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